Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things that don't make sense

1- how I can get bitten by a mosquito at noon in the middle of October, aren't mosquitoes suppose to be gone by now?

2-the amount of milk that Lily can spit up, this afternoon she was crying, I thought she might be hungry, I began nursing her and then there was a small burp and then she erupted, she was soaked, my pants were soaked as well as the coach (so much that the slipcovers are now in the washing machine). she seemed to eject her weight in milk, it was gross and then after getting changed she ate some more, I guess the real question is, how much milk am I making???

3- how Lance's hair grows so thick and fast when Jeff is bald and I have fine hair that seems to grow so slowly, I would love to have his thick, full head of hair

4- how the smallest individuals in this house make the most mess- Lily goes through so many outfits, blankets, burp clothes a day, I can't keep up with her laundry and then Lance can destroy a room in seconds, if cleans up for other people, why not me?

5- why Lily loves swim practice, she is a perfect angel while we are at the pool, but on evenings when I am not there from 6-8 she cries and screams and is not a happy camper

6- why when we have the least amount of money we seem to have the most bills that need to be paid, the most things we need to buy, and the largest list of wants

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