Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an afternoon in the woods

Jeff wanted to get out in the woods on Sunday and enjoy the autumn leaves and the warm weather so we headed out after church. We got a sub to share for a picnic lunch and drove about 30 minutes out of town. Lily obviously didn't like our plan and screamed most of the way there so we stopped earlier then expected for our lunch. We sat down at a picnic table and within a minute of two we were up and moving around because the gnats were so horrible it was impossible to sit still so we walked and ate.
here is lance, lily and I walking down to the river after eating, trying to keep moving to keep the gnats from swarming

After lunch we went on the bridge that crosses over the river and goes underneath the road and back, we didn't explore the other side due to the ridiculous number of gnats.

the view from the bridge, it is beautiful and once more of the leaves change it will be even prettier

Jeff and Lance walking back across the river with the parkway overhead.

After hitting the restroom we got back in the car and went to the Foot bridge, our planned destination. The Foot bridge is a bridge that crosses over the river and is in honor of Bill Foot a local man who was an avid hiker. Right when we got on the bridge a train came by which made Lance's day since he could get such a good look at it and it was so close. It was so close that it shook the bridge we were on, a little freaky.

Jeff and Lance walking out to find a good spot to see the approaching train.

watching the train go across the river

Lance pointing to the passing train, the highlight of his adventure.

Lance, Lily, and I on the Foot bridge.

After crossing to the other side we explored, well Lance and Jeff explored, I was carrying Lily and since it is usually my down time I was tired and didn't feel like doing much hiking. Looking back I wish I had been more motivated to do the trail loop, but I was so tired and couldn't get motivated.

the trees and leaves were very pretty even though they hadn't turned yet

a cliff that was blasted out to make room for the original train bridge and track and in this area is not a small part of the AT.

Jeff and Lance exploring a small waterfall, lance is holding a rock he found

sharing a snack, m&m's.

it was such a beautiful day and nice and warm for October.

unfortunately Jeff just takes pictures and doesn't look to see if how they look, this is such a great picture of Lance because he has a nice smile, but you can hardly see his face.

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