Monday, October 20, 2008

2 months already

Lily is now two months old, time is flying by, and she is really spoiling me by being such a good baby.
Saturday night/Sunday morning she got up for her once a night feeding and I was slightly irritated that I had to get up and feed her, but then I remembered at 2 months with lance we were getting up at least twice usually three times at night to feed, so once is awesome and I should be thankful. It is all about perspective.
I can't believe how fast Lily is growing, she is already in 3-6 month clothing and I think there might be some hand-me-down 0-3 month things she never got a chance to wear. I get a little sad putting away the clothes she has grown out of because I don't think I got to enjoy a lot of them because she had so many to choose from and I always wanted her in my favorites.
So besides growing fast, she is smiling a lot and it is so fun. She loves Lance and smiles every time he is around. Lance loves to hold her and give her kisses, but he also has his moments when he isn't too fond of her. On Saturday he was frustrated about having to get in the car and Lily was already screaming and he took his frustration out on her by trying to kick her in the face, it wasn't a good moment for the three of us. Lance is at a rough stage right now because he can't always communicate verbally well and so he gets frustrated and hits or throws things, I can't wait for speech therapy to start helping him use words and get rid of his frustration.
Back to Lily, Lily is a very happy content baby except when she is in the car and I have really enjoyed her and I am so thankful for her. She prefers to be held which is fine, but she is getting a little heavy for the Baby Bjorn, I wish I had a mei-tai style sling since she prefers to be upright. I love my New Native Carrier, but she prefers to be more upright and instead of reclining except for when she is tired then the New Native comes in handy because she passes out and takes her nap in it.
"They" say that you don't take as many pictures of second babies, but I think there might be an exception if the second baby is a girl which followed a boy. I have taken so many pictures of Lily, more than I did of Lance, now I didn't have my own digital camera when Lance was this age, so that probably had something to do with it, but I have taken so many pictures of Lily, especially in all her different outfits, I am really enjoying the girly stuff that comes with having a girl. Girl clothes are so much fun and hand-me-downs make things even better.

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