Friday, October 10, 2008


I got a new perspective today and I hope I won't take what I do have for granted.
I am more of a glass half empty person and I don't always see the bright side of things, well I do in other people's lives, just not my own.
I have been very frustrated lately and negative because business has been slower than slow, bills haven't been paid, and I don't know how we are going to make it. We are so far in the hole I don't know if we can get out. I have been dwelling so much on what we don't have that I have forgotten to be extremely thankful for what I do have.
After running across some blogs today of women who lost their babies full term or close to, I realized how blessed I am to have Lily as well as Lance. These women were due around the same time I was so there loss really hit home to me because we were at the same stages of pregnancy that I was and yet we had such different outcomes. I know many women lose their babies early on which is difficult, but I forget and can't imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy, hours of labor, delivery or c-section and then not have a healthy baby in the end. I naively believed that once you reached a certain stage of pregnancy you are immune to loss, but you aren't. I have realized I am extremely blessed. My heart goes out to these women who suffer such a difficult loss and I am amazed at how most of them have such an amazing heart and they can still say that God is good. So I now know that I need to be better at thanking God for everything that He has given me because though I don't always feel it, I am rich. A new perspective that hopefully won't be lost in the daily chaos of life. Thank you to you who have put your story out there so lives will be changed and that through death comes life. May your loss make am impact on many people's lives, it has made a small impact on mine.

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