Thursday, October 09, 2008

it is a lot harder with two

to try and clean the house.
with two kids you never can accomplish anything and right now both kiddos are asleep so I probably could be getting a lot more done then I am, but I also need some down time myself.
We are trying to refinance our house so someone is coming by to appraise our house tomorrow morning so I am trying my best to get the house looking neat, clean, and nice which is not easy because for everything one thing I get accomplished Lance messes up two things.
I love my home to be neat and clean and though I have had to drop my standards a bit now that I have two in the mix our house is too small to let it stay a disaster, there is just not enough room for everything. We need a bigger house, but we can't afford one right now so I am trying to use all the available space to the best of my ability. I need to edit down Lance's toys, but I don't know what to choose and if I put some away for awhile will I remember to rotate them out again? I am kind of nervous about someone coming over here and looking at our house. I love it and I know it needs some work, but I hope it really is worth what I think it is. I know it doesn't matter what others think, but I am a people pleaser so I do care. I really hope if we are able to refinance we can get a storage shed and replacement windows, oh that would make things so much nicer around here. Motivation for cleaning: new windows that won't let stink bugs in!

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