Friday, October 24, 2008

parking lot irritation

This morning I experienced a parking lot irritation.
The kids and I stopped at Walgreens so I could pick up some CDs to burn all of my photos on since my laptop is dying. The parking lot was virtually empty. Across from the door were five parking spots and I parked in the middle spot. After making our purchases we went back out to the car and as I was attempting to put Lance in his car seat a mini-van pulled up and was waiting on me so that she could park in the space right beside me. I tried as quickly as I could to wrangle Lance into his seat and he of course was putting up a fight to get his seat belt on. The lady in the mini-van was waiting on me and slowly inching up so I shut the door, walked around the opposite side and put Lily in the car then had to walk back around and get Lance into his seat belt. As luck would have it, the lady parked super close to my car and I wasn't able to get the door open fully and I was paranoid that in trying to get Lance in his seat belt I might accidentally hit my door which would then hit her door, fortunately that didn't happen. Though I got both kids in I am quite irritated at this woman in the mini-van. WHY oh WHY did she have to park in the space directly beside me????? Why couldn't she have parked one over? I do believe that the space one over was technically closer to the door of the store than the space right beside mine? She would not have had to wait for me to get my toddler in the car if she would have parked one over. There were also two perfectly nice spaces on the opposite side of my car, why not those spaces? With four available parking spaces it irritated me that she had to park right beside me and ridiculously close to me too, she was totally hugging the line. I should also note: there were also at least 15 other parking spaces in the lot that though not directly across from the door just as equally close to the door, why not those spaces? I don't know why this lady irritated me so much. Was it the fact that she didn't obviously notice that I had two small children I was trying to load up in the car and it takes more time and space then a normal person? Was it the fact that her need to park beside me made me take twice as long to leave resulting in Lily screaming the whole way home? Was it the fact that she seemed impatient to get into the space, but then sat in the car for a few moments before going into the store? Was it that she kept inching into the space and almost hitting my open car door in her need to get into the space faster? I don't know, but I hope someone invades her space the next time she has something to load into her vehicle. I know I should love people, I am just having a hard time today.

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