Wednesday, October 22, 2008

one word to describe life with two kids. . .

Oh my goodness, today was pure insanity.
Let's see it started in the wee hours of the morning. Lily got up around 3:30 to eat and went back to sleep. Lance got up sometime after that and Jeff went and slept with him for awhile, then Jeff got up which caused Lance to get up so then I curled in bed with him, what seemed like shortly after that Lily got up to eat and Lance got up for the day. It was still dark out, too early I thought to get up, but both kiddos where ready to go, actually it was 7 am so it wasn't really too early, just felt that way. I showered and got dressed then Jeff got ready and left for work, I got the kiddos dressed and fed and out the door at 8:45 for a doctor's appointment which sounds easier then it actually was. What I failed to mention was that Lily who only wanted to be held screamed every time I put her down, which I had to do frequently since I was chasing after Lance to try and get him dressed and ready to go. We fortunately made it to the doctor's office on time, early actually. Lily got weighed and measured, Lance got his flu vaccine (the nasal one, which is much nicer than the needle in the leg), and Lily got checked out by the doctor. Things were going pretty good and then disaster struck. It was 9:35, we had to be at speech at 10, Lily still needed her vaccines, and she was due to eat, all the makings for a disaster. I fed Lily while waiting for the nurse, but only half a feeding to keep her relatively calm for her shots. Nurse came in, got Lily on the examination bench gave her two drops of the Rotavirus vaccine and the volcano erupted. Lily spewed forth everything that she had just eaten. She was covered, I was covered, there was milk dripping onto the floor, all over the examination bench, everywhere, the nurse I think got out of the way in time, lucky her. We got the room and Lily cleaned up and tried again to give her the oral dose, every drip she seemed to spit back out, it took FOREVER! Then the poor little thing had to get 3 shots in her leg. I felt really bad for her, I hate vaccines. While all of the drama with Lily was taking place Lance was unsnapping his overall bottoms, his new favorite past time, I really need to find some overalls (his favorite item of clothing) without snap bottoms, do they even exist that way? When everything was done it was 10 o'clock, we were late for speech so I hurriedly got Lily dressed, packed up all our gear, grabbed Lance and ran out of the office. Lance's pants were still not snapped so he looked like he was wearing a jean jumper, and he had a major cowlick going on so with Lance in his state and me covered in milk we looked real with it this morning. I got the kids in the car and headed to the opposite end of town for speech. I felt really bad about being late, but I had no clue where my cell phone was so I couldn't call and let them know so I just went as fast as I could. Thankfully traffic wasn't bad and we arrived only 15 minutes late. We went into the school and apologized profusely to the speech therapist about being late. I should mention that while quickly trying to get Lance out of the car and to his session I managed to snap a few snaps so he looked a little more pulled together but he of course undid them as soon as we sat down for our session. Lance was a little hyperactive and didn't cooperate very well which was frustrating because I really want him to show the therapist what he can and can't do. As we were finishing up our session I noticed that Lance was pulling at his diaper and sure enough it fell to his feet, it was quite heavy and was way overdue to be changed, but unfortunately I hadn't had a chance to up until then to change him. I put on a fresh diaper and got his snaps snapped so he looked a bit pulled together and headed home of course just leaving would be to simple. Lance was quite tired by this point from getting up early and as we were walking down the hallway he saw a car in the hallway that he loves and wanted to go play with it, I told him no, so he stopped walking and began to cry loudly and won't continue walking towards the door. Fortunately for me, his fear of being left alone is stronger then his desire to get his way so I began walking towards the door and he quickly followed, but he did whine the whole way. As we were leaving there was an older couple who were right behind us and they just so happened, of course, to be parked beside us. I tried quickly to get Lance and Lily in the car so I wouldn't be holding them up since the back door blocked their door from opening, but my efforts were in vain. Lance must have sensed my urgency and began to throw a temper tantrum and wouldn't get in his car seat or let me buckle him. He desperately wanted something and got quite frustrated at me for not being able to figure out what he wanted after several tried I finally figured it out he wanted his blanket. So once again I was quite embarrassed because I had a screaming child who I was wrestling into the car seat while trying not to hurt him and I was too dumb to figure out what he wanted quickly enough to prevent a temper tantrum. What a morning. We got home put Lance right to bed, he didn't go down easily, but both kids are now asleep and I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Hopefully I will have two quiet hours before the chaos returns. Harried that definitely describes my life with two kids.

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