Thursday, September 25, 2008

shopping for baby girls to a lot more fun

Today I stopped by Old Navy to return some jeans that were way too big for little Lance and happened to walk through the clearance sections. I got my first taste of how much fun shopping for girl clothes can be. I was overwhelmed by all of the options, there just seemed to be so many different styles of clothing for girls instead of just color or screen print variations like on a lot of boys' clothing. I guess the other thing is that I found a lot more girl clothes that I liked, right now I am not a fan of a lot of the boy clothes Old Navy is offering right now (polos with diagonal stripes, they bother me, I want to straighten them) and all over screen printed hoodies and other teenage styled clothing (I want Lance to look like a toddler unfortunately he will be a teenager before I know it). I could have gone crazy buying up tons of clothes for next year that she may or may not wear based on how fast she grows, but I did buy a couple of pieces because I couldn't resist. Girl clothes really are cuter and a lot more fun to shop for then boy clothes. Before Lily I didn't even really look at girl clothes too closely because I wanted to be content with my boy, and even now I am still so programmed to look at boy clothes that I immediately go to the boy side before looking at the girl side. After my experience this morning, I now understand how some moms can get carried away with clothes for their kids, especially if they have girls, it is fun to dress them up. Though I am not much of a girly girl, but I look forward to dressing up Lily especially since nice, cute things get wasted on a toddler I know who looks for the nearest mud puddle and jumps in.

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