Wednesday, September 24, 2008

it is one of those days

I should say one of those mornings, but fortunately things are looking better, both kids are asleep, I should be too, but of course now that they are asleep I am fully awake, earlier when I could barely keep my eyes open they were both awake.
Well the setup for the rough morning occurred last night. Lance didn't go to bed until 10, way too late especially since he was up at 6:30 this morning. It could have been earlier, but I was too comatose to notice the exact time of his arrival, my main concern was trying to help him into the bed which meant lifting him up and over myself and Lily, not an easy task when you don't want to wake the sleeping beast (Lily who I had successfully gotten back to sleep without having to get up and feed her). Once Lance was in bed he started jumping all over us, poking us with those bony elbows of him and demanding juice. I gave up trying to sleep and got up. I knew right away it was going to be a long day when Lance got upset because his juice was watered down too much. After breakfast and some play time I was able to get Lily to sleep (why do babies fight falling asleep? especially when they sleep so much is beyond me) and headed upstairs to get a shower, I had such a rough time getting up I missed my showering opportunity before Jeff left. I quickly hoped in the shower and figured I had time to get some stuff done before Lily woke up again, well I was wrong. Lily was screaming by the time I was out of the shower, so much for a nice long morning nap. I got her calmed down and wrestled with Lance to get dressed and dealt with another breakdown from lack of sleep (by this point, he had broken down multiple times). We watched some of Sesame Street and then I started to fall asleep, but unfortunately both kiddos were awake so no nap for me. I had to get something from my mom's so I packed up the kids and headed over. I didn't want to bring both kids inside so I ran in quickly to get what I needed. Lily unfortunately dislikes the car and was screaming by the time I came out two minutes later. I was tired and grumpy from dealing two overly tired kids who did lots of crying (I don't know what is going on with Lily but she has been quite the crier lately) and decided I would swing by and pick up lunch so I wouldn't have to make it since Lily was finally asleep. I got lunch for Lance and I and headed home. Got home and realized that not all of my food was there, I was frustrated, put everything back in the car, called Jeff and headed back to retrieve my missing lunch Jeff met us and we ended up eating lunch together, well actually Jeff ate with Lance because I was in line most of the time waiting for food since I let Jeff have mine. After quickly eating we headed home. I went to get Lance out of the car and that is when I noticed that he had pulled off his shoe and was squirting juice from his juice box into his shoe. That in itself is messy, but since he was wearing crocs with lots of holes the juice was all over his legs and shorts and car seat. I got everyone inside, wiped Lance down as best I could, and changed his clothes. We go through so many clothes in this house: Lily poops out or spits up all over her clothes at least once a day, I get poop and spit up on me (3 times I had to change yesterday thanks to Lily spitting up all over me), and Lance well he thinks his shirts are napkins and towels to absorb liquids, I hate doing the laundry and these kids make it an almost daily chore. I got Lily to sleep and set up the computer I borrowed from my mom to get some work done while hopefully both kids slept. Of course, since today is not my day, the Internet kept going out and I wasn't able to get anything done at first and Lance didn't want to sleep so he was constantly trying to type and use the computer himself. At one point I was sleepy and thought I might lay down and sleep, but Lily woke up just before I could get Lance asleep so once again, sleep evaded me. Fortunately I have been able to get the research I needed to do done and I am pretty sure I am ready for swim practice tonight. Before two kids there was barely enough hours in the day to get things done, now that there are two (and I have a job) there is not nearly enough hours to accomplish anything sometimes especially with Lily who has decided she is only content when being held, just like Lance was. So though everything seemed to be going downhill this morning, Lance is asleep, Lily is for the most part content at the moment, I am halfway done with the work I needed to get done for tonight, I just can't think about all the things I wanted to accomplish today. I would love a full time nanny, no I like being with my kids I want a personal assistant/housekeeper, yeah that would be nice.

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