Thursday, October 02, 2008

she's a sleeper

Too bad I didn't enjoy last night as much as say Jeff did.
Lily did it, I can't believe it. At only six weeks and two days she slept all night long.
She fell asleep a little after eleven and didn't wake up again and eat until 7:15 this morning! I can't believe it and I hope we will have many more long nights so maybe I can enjoy them since I didn't get to last night, long nights os sleep that is. I of course was up at two when Lance came into bed with us and I was up at 4 when she usually gets up to eat. I was also up at 5:30 to make sure she was still breathing and because I was worried about her. I was tempted to wake her since I thought I was going to explode if she didn't eat soon, but despite my slight nudges she slept on. I had a hard time getting back to sleep at 5:30, but finally managed too and was still amazed when seven rolled around and I realized that she made it all night. I remember at six weeks with Lance we were excited when he would sleep 5 hours. She is such a good sleeper, though I am afraid that just praising her will jinx me and she will be at all hours tonight. She has been a good sleeper from the beginning, our first night home from the hospital and she went 4 hours between a feeding, which surprised me considering how active she was in the womb. I don't know whether it is her or we are just more experienced parents who somehow have developed a good sleep pattern already? My mom says it is because she is a girl and girls are easier, and she may be right, wait, Lily is like her brother who doesn't like to be set down anywhere, not what I call that easy of a baby. Who knows, but I hope that next time she sleeps well I can enjoy it and no longer be programmed to wake up every few hours. Now if we can just get Lance sleeping better. Lance has never been a good sleeper and though he does sleep in his bed all night on some nights there are more nights when he gets up and since we have been getting up with Lily and have been tired we haven't fought him and let him sleep with us. This also contributes to my lack of a good sleep last night because Lance is a bed hog and occupies most of my half of the bed. Now if Lily will keep up her good sleeping habits and we can get Lance on one too, you will have one happy momma, well actually one less grumpy momma. On the topic of grumpy, I feel bad for both my kiddos this morning. I was very grumpy,the stress of life right now combined with my both my children's need to be held at every moment with a dash of cold weather making a cold house made me a grump. I got frustrated with both kiddos and I feel bad, our nice morning at home was full of crying, temper tantrums, and me wanting to call Jeff to come home so I could escape. I get frustrated so easily. Frustrated at Lily because I want to be able to play with Lance without holding her. Frustrated at Lance when he won't listen and he is whiny. And frustrated at myself that I don't have the patience and energy to deal with the two of them. Unfortunately this morning brought out the worst of all three of us, but I am learning how to be a mom of two and it isn't easy, especially since I have to often put aside my priorities and personal space.

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