Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a job

What was I thinking?
I must have had a momentary lapse of judgment when I said yes.
I didn't look for this job, it found me.
It is only part time and once I get paid and get into the swing of things I might think it is great, but until then, I am kicking myself.
On the positive side, I get to bring Lily and Lance if necessary.
On the negative, it is a dinner time and most of the evening which is usually family time.
Another positive, it is only till February.
Positive: adult interaction
Negative: out-of-town trips (gone all day)
Negative: I have a 5 week old baby I am trying to handle (thankfully she is a decent sleeper thus far)
Positive: location is in walking distance
Positive: it pays money! (unlike my full time job- domestic engineering)

The Job: Assistant Swim Coach to a small private college
Practice is Monday through Friday- dinner time which makes things rough, but I don't have to get a sitter for Lance (positive), but I still have to cook, clean, etc (negative).
There are only 7 swimmers which is very manageable compared to my previous experience with high school swimming (40-50 swimmers). The swimmers so far seem very nice, low key, good students and will make the job fun and not a chore.
So this could turn out really good or really bad, only time will tell.

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