Monday, September 15, 2008

4 weeks really fly by

So Lily was born 4 weeks ago to day, by the time I post this is will probably be the exact same time. 4 weeks have really flown by. I remember with Lance the first four weeks seemed to tick by so slowly. Lily is a pretty good sleeper which helps time fly by, she went 6 hours Saturday night which would have been great if I would have slept the whole time, but I was up and ready to go at her normal 1:30 feeding. She was back to every 3 hours last night which I have surprisingly adapted to. It is amazing how you can adapt to broken sleep, I never thought 3 years ago that I would be able to survive because I was an 8 hour a night girl, but I guess having a first born who didn't sleep through the night consistently till 17 months and then stopped this past summer gets you use to lack of sleep. These last few weeks have really flown by because I can do so much more this time around. With Lance I was still pretty sore, exhausted, up all the time at night and doing little things was hard like walking down to the end of our street took all the strength out of me and this time I have been going places, taking walks, going to the park, etc. I also have a lot more confidence this time around, I am not afraid of taking her out and I can handle her crying better. I have a hard time remembering what it was like to be hugely pregnant and life was just the three of us. I miss the ease of going out (especially in the evenings), going to the park with Lance (and not holding a baby), I miss not having to sit down every 3 hours to nurse, I miss my belly (maternity clothes don't fit the same and my old clothes don't fit), but I don't miss the heartburn, not being able to eat so much (I love eating and food right now), and being uncomfortable most of the time. Four weeks, I just can't believe it. Tomorrow is my follow up doctor's appointment. I am kind of sad to be saying good-bye to my OB and the nurses that I have seen on a very regular basis for the last nine months, it will be strange not going to an appointment for a whole year, that seems like such a long time (and who knows if I will ever be back on a regular basis again). I will be going to the pediatrician on a regular basis, but they aren't as nice and friendly as the OB's office and a lot of people there are sick and not there for something positive. So four weeks down, countless more to go.

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