Saturday, August 09, 2008

the waiting game

One of the worst parts of pregnancy, the waiting game.
So today was my due date according to the first ultrasound and so far, no baby, no labor, feeling good, can't complain.
Monday is my due date according to the calendar which I really don't think is accurate considering my cycles were all off of whack before I got pregnant, but it is the day that will officially make me overdue.
So two more days until I am officially overdue.
We had an ultrasound done on Wednesday to determine the size of the baby so I could use this to determine whether or not I want to be induced if she is late.
The ultrasound tech says they estimate on the heavier side and believe she is about 8 lbs 4 ounces. WOW! A big girl already. The estimate they did for Lance was 8 lbs 1 ounce and when he was born 4 days later he was 8lbs 8 ounces so they underestimated for him so I can't wait to find out how right or wrong they were this time. 8-4 is a good size, but they could be off as much as a pound, which would be 7-4, a bit tiny, but if she gains half a pound a week and is late then she will be good sized. I got lots of hand-me-downs from two friends who had 6 pound babies, so it looks as though I might have to edit some of the clothing in her dresser, if she is over 8 she might not be able to squeeze into all of those 5-7 lb onesies that have been shrunk with use, but fortunately we have tons of clothes so not being able to wear a few isn't going to be a problem.
So this waiting thing kind of stinks. I am trying to keep the house clean which isn't easy with a toddler. Also, the phone calls, e-mails, etc, have started and anytime my mom can't reach us she panics, though I don't know why, she is the one who is going to be keeping Lance, we can't leave without her! Speaking of my mom, she has to go back to work this week and will be in meetings all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I am hoping and praying that Lily will not arrive until after Wednesday. We have other people who can watch Lance, but I would really like for things to be somewhat consistent and non-stressful for Lance while I am in the hospital, though we might not have that option considering I have no control over her arrival.
I am feeling good and not miserable and I am very thankful for that and that is also why I think Lily is not arriving for awhile, I am not "done," miserable, super uncomfortable, I don't have tons of energy and cleaning the house like crazy, I am just enjoying every moment with lance and waiting.

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