Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am officially overdue and after today's doctor's appointment there is a mandatory eviction notice given to Lily. If she doesn't come by next Tuesday she is going to be evicted. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I didn't want to be induced, but the doctor thought it was for the best especially if she is close to 8 pounds. The possibility of going natural without the epidural doesn't seem likely with induction especially if the contractions are rough. I just pray that I won't end up with a c-section, that scares me the most. The positives in this situation, my doctor will be back in town to do the induction, I will have her before my 30th birthday (which I wanted), I won't have to wait any longer, childcare can be arranged beforehand and Jeff can get things organized at the shop before her arrival so things will be less stressful for everyone. So I have a week to wait and I have noticed the world discriminates against us late ones. For example, the pregnancy ticker on my homepage gives development information for week 8 of pregnancy, and says "the baby should be here by now," thanks for the support for those of us who might still be hanging in there. Two weekly developmental e-mails I have received these last nine months haven't discussed pregnancy since week 38, once again, no love for us still hanging in there at 40 weeks, they talk about life with baby, well what about life still waiting? Then there are the constant phone calls and e-mails we get from people wondering if we have had the baby yet, have we called, no? then no baby! trust me, we will be so excited to see her we will let you know. I know that everyone who calls/e-mails means well, but with a daily reminder of lateness doesn't make things any easier especially when it is coming from people who have early babies and don't know what it is like to come close or exceed their due dates. How many people really know what it is like to go past 40 weeks and have been enduring 3-4 weeks of people calling and asking, have you had the baby yet? any progress? when are you going to have the baby? well at least now, we can say, next week! I am thankful that I feel good and hanging in there, not miserable, sleeping pretty well except for the constant full bladder, but I can't complain. I am still enjoying my last days with Lance and I am thankful for each day we have together especially with the cooler weather we have been having.

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