Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i can't believe we have made it eight years

Eight years ago today I got married.
Eight years seems like such a long time.
This year seems like it has been the hardest yet and hopefully it will be the hardest and things will be up from here on out. This year we have struggled financially and like the statistics say, finances are the number 1 reason couples fight and this has been true in our life. Also we have had some family issues that have caused some rifts, but we have survived and hopefully we will continue moving forward. Year eight is not going to be easy, with Lily's arrival any day now, but it will be exciting and there is hope that the our business could really take off (or sink, but we are looking on the bright side, but this year will make us or break us).
We have grown in leaps in bounds this past year and stuck by each other when we were unbearable to be around. This hasn't been the best year of our marriage, but we are still together, want to be together, and look forward to the future together. I hope and pray we will have many more anniversaries to come and we will be able to celebrate properly in a month or so by going out to dinner alone (right now we could, but I would not enjoy the food since indigestion and heartburn are my nightly companions).
Happy Anniversary Jeff, thanks for sticking by me when times are tough and I am at my worst, you are my best friend and I could do this thing called life without you.

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