Thursday, August 14, 2008

I appreciate the honesty

but can you be a little nicer?
Today I had another doctor's appointment. I saw a different doctor and though he wasn't rough or rude, he is very abrupt and honest and well gets right to business. I shouldn't complain, I didn't have to wait for him to come in and the exam didn't take long so I was in and out quickly, but he has no bedside manner at all. He came in, no hello, checked to see if I had many any progress, measured, checked heartbeat, wrote down notes, and was heading out the door when I stopped him to ask him what I was suppose to do next. Oh, I forgot to mention, he did say that there didn't seem to be any progress and that he wasn't going to try very hard to change anything or check for progress because it wouldn't do any good. I am thankful that he didn't inflict unnecessary pain on me, but he didn't have to add that I was a hopeless cause. He told me to call the hospital Tuesday morning to find out what time to come in and I probably would not go into labor on my own so Tuesday was the day, the other 3 doctors I have seen were a bit more positive saying that maybe they would see me on whatever day they were on call, but this guy (who is at the hospital Monday) didn't even suggest he may lay eyes on me again, and I hope and pray that I won't be seeing him. I have heard that he is a very good doctor and knows his stuff, he is just not friendly at all. One complaint I did have was he did leave me like a beached whale on the table unable to get up most of the doctors at least help you sit up and get composed, not this guy, he was ready to move onto the next patient. Though it wasn't a positive experience I felt comfortable that hanging on for 4.5 more days is okay because this guy tells it like it is and if it wasn't a good idea to keep waiting he would definitely tell you. Can I make it 4.5 more days is the question. I haven't had contractions, but my muscles don't want to support this baby anymore so I am in a lot of pain and though she is still considered pretty high (station -2) my bladder always seems full. Did I mention that sleeping is getting hard too? I really don't want to be exhausted going into labor and miserable, why can't I be one of those women who have it easy? This is turning into a pity party. 4 more days with lance, we need to find lots of fun things to do, especially if they involve sitting and being close to a restroom.

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