Friday, August 01, 2008

it's August

Not that I have anything against July or maybe I do and I am in denial, but I am glad that it is August and still no baby. I was hoping for an August birthday, not that it was something unexpected, but babies come early, will I know this first hand? time will tell. Last night I was extremely freaked out, so much so I was tempted to call the doctor, this baby was moving and moving a lot and it had me freaked (the doctor said that there isn't such a thing as moving too much, though I don't know if he would have said this if he could have seen this baby move last night). I just wanted to go to sleep, but it was impossible when my stomach was turning and doing somersaults, for almost an hour. Jeff confirmed for me, Lance NEVER moved like that this and at this far along. She seemed to be turning and we kept feeling what we thought was a shoulder moving around. She moved so much and with such strength she freaked Jeff out so he provided little comfort or support. Sometimes he looks at me as though I am a freak of nature which is something a hormonal pregnant woman loves to be seen as, I miss the sympathy and compassion I got the first time around. It also hurt like crazy, there just isn't enough space for her to be doing such aerobic activities. Though I don't know if it could really happen I was expecting my water to break because I couldn't fathom that everything could remain intact with that much movement, but it is the next morning and everything seems to have calmed down and I am still here and she is still in her water bubble, and moving around, just not so . This baby is extremely active and I am curious how that is going to play out in life outside the womb. Is she going to be like Lance and hate all baby holding devices? Thank goodness I have already have a sling that works so I won't have to try finding one I like, though with so many styles out there I would love another one, but who knows she may hate them, but I doubt it, babies like to be held. We have almost everything ready. Her room is painted, clothes are in the dresser, the bassinet is ready, we don't have the crib set up since Lance is still using it so thing aren't completely ready, but she can come and we won't be in a panic. I have three outfits picked out for her, a small one, a medium one, and a large one, what size will she be? I can't wait for next Wednesday when we get an ultrasound so we will have some ballpark figure on her size, I don't know why I want to know so badly, I guess I am afraid of having a little baby. Little babies scare me, they look so breakable, I like them big and sturdy, I am curious what Lily will be. She will definitely be strong if not big. I am looking forward to seeing what she looks like, but still afraid of the whole no sleep thing, I know it will pass like all things, but it takes weeks, but who knows, I will look on the bright side I might have one of those babies who is a good sleeper, not getting my hopes up there. So bottom line, still waiting, and I have a lot of waiting to do, since I am still a little over a week away.

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