Friday, June 13, 2008

sick, again

Hibernating most of the winter is biting me in the butt. I feel like we just got over a cold and Lance is sick again. He just stopped coughing from his last cold a couple of days ago and now we have problems again. This time it is a little different, it isn't a constant runny yucky nose, but the bad part is the cough and the vomit associated with coughing (he must have a lot of drainage). Last night he started threw up after 30 minutes of trying to cough up all that gunk in his throat/chest and he did it again this morning after a coughing fit. The upside is that the throwing up clears his body and he is worlds better afterwards. Jeff has been amazing at helping Lance because me Ms. Weak Stomach can't handle much these days. I was also worried last night and a little this morning that it might be a stomach bug on top of a cold, but he doesn't act sick, he can eat and drink immediately afterwards, and he has done this before (when he got a cold before he ate many solid foods). The other strange thing is, he only seems bad in the evening and morning, he only woke up briefly at midnight coughing and after the coughing/ puking this morning he was his normal self with the exception of needing to wipe his nose once or twice (hmm, that was after we played outside, wonder if it is allergies). I should be thankful that he is sick now and not in a little over a week when we are at the beach, but I feel like we just got over a cold and I don't understand how he can be sick again!
On a positive note: Seven more days until our week at the beach, I can't wait!!!! I have been looking forward to our beach trip since last year, but I have been counting down the days for over a month now. Our beach trip is the only vacation we really take, it is a week away from the stress of work and life, and we get Jeff to ourselves for a whole week 24 hours a day. I can't wait. We are going much earlier this year and with my mom working all next week I am in charge of organizing and packing and making sure we have everything. In the past we usually borrow a van, but we can't this year so packing this year is going to have to be very strategic to make sure we can get everything in and on my mom's wagon. My sister and "Aunt Christy" can't come this year which is sad, it will be quiet and not the same without them their, but I know we will enjoy ourselves. Some friends of ours will be at the beach the same time as us which will be fun so we will have someone to hang out with and share a meal. The crazy thing is Topsail Island is 26 miles long with hundreds of houses to rent and our friends are in walking distance from us. Lance loved the beach last year and I hope he will enjoy it even more this year, especially now that he loves sand.

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