Monday, June 16, 2008

molars and skinned knees

So we still have an on again off again runny nose and his cough is better and the problem might not be another cold, but his two year molars. I don't know why, but yesterday in church I put my finger in his mouth and discovered two large bumps that weren't there last week. I had an "aha" moment realizing that the congestion, his hands being in his mouth all the time and the sporadic behavior was probably due to molars coming in and not another cold though some say teeth don't cause congestion, but Lance has always had a yucky nose when he is getting teeth. He doesn't seem to have any bumps on the top yet, just on the bottom and hopefully he will improve and stay well during our beach trip. Five more days!!!!!
Today we went to the park with our small group and then we met daddy for lunch. After lunch Lance was avoiding getting into the car and he fell on the sidewalk and busted up his scabbed over knee. There was so much blood and though it probably looks worse then it really is I began to feel a little light headed, it looked horrible. Last Monday night, we took a walk and Jeff took Lance on the longboard, well they hit a bump and Lance scraped up his knee pretty bad. It took a few days before he didn't have to have it covered all the time and was starting to look pretty good and now thanks to his encounter with the sidewalk we are back at square one. I just hope it heals before next week because sand and scrapes don't mix well.
So there are five more days before the beach and eight weeks until my due date. I am already starting to get pretty uncomfortable though I am not that big and still have eight weeks left. We also have nothing ready, but hopefully we will be stopping by Pottery Barn Kids on the way back from the beach and I will get the bedding I want so I will have one thing to check off the list. Five more days, I can't wait!

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