Wednesday, June 18, 2008

his new ride

Lance has loved those Little Tikes "flinestone" type cars for some time now. On Saturday, my mom was driving by the second hand store and saw two out front she said that she almost bought one, but didn't know how much they cost new so she was unsure of whether they were a good deal or not.

Yesterday we went to "look" and see the cars and we ended up taking one home with us. As soon as Lance saw it he hopped right in refused to get out and through a fit when we went inside to pay or it. After nap he played in it for 45 minutes and he kept trying to sneak out and play with it after we came inside to cook dinner.

I ended up bringing it inside so I won't have to worry about him being outside by himself and so he would be out of the way while I cooked. This morning it was still in the house and has been playing with it on and off all morning. He absolutely loves it and having a blast getting in then out then in again.
I am on a cleaning rampage. I always clean the house from top to bottom before we leave on vacation because I love coming home to a clean house. This morning I tackled the bathrooms and Lance was my sidekick helping me, he loves to spray so any opportunity he could get he would. He also tried to help with scrubbing with the sponge, but he just moved soap around. We need to tackle the playroom today along with laundry and then Lance's favorite chore of all- vacuuming! I am putting that off till last because Lance hates the vacuum and it is hard on me. I would love a new lightweight Dyson, maybe some day.

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