Thursday, June 05, 2008

it is too hot

At 10:30 this morning it was 86 degrees, I don't think I want to know what the temperature is now. I am so thankful we have central air, I don't know how people manage without air conditioning. The weather has been crazy, no slow transition from cool to hot, it went from cold to hot in like one week with no transitional warm temperatures. Yesterday we inflated a kiddie pool on the back deck so we can get some water fun since we aren't money enough to belong to a pool somewhere, maybe one day, but not this summer. Looking at the calendar I realize that we have only 17 more days before we are at the beach for a week! I can't wait! We usually go in August, but since the baby is due the week we usually go we had to rearrange our plans. Unfortunately due to the re-arrangement my sister and her husband can't go and neither can Christy so it will be a quiet week and not the same without everyone else there. Also looking at the calendar I realize that I am 30 weeks, only 10 (maybe up to 12 more weeks) left to go, scary. I have nothing ready, nothing, I would love to have something started, but sadly I don't. I should be working on organizing some stuff in Jeff's room so we can make room for baby, but I have really lacked the motivation, no nesting yet. Nothing really interesting going on here, just going through the motions and waiting for our beach trip. Lance, started saying "oh yeah," it is very funny, now if we can just get him really talking.

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