Thursday, June 19, 2008

stay away germs, stay away

It is June, summertime, there shouldn't be colds running rampant but there are and they are invading my house and I leave for the beach in 2 days!!! I don't want to be sick or have anyone around me ill when we are going on are one and only vacation!!! AHHHHHH! Jeff appears to be coming down with a cold, he felt a little off on Tuesday, he had a sore throat yesterday, he didn't sleep well last night, and he left for work to early for me to tell anything this morning. Lance's nose has been running marathons for the last two days so I don't know if it is still teeth, but since it is a bit different then it was he might have a cold. Also, everyone at our church seems to be spreading the cold love around, I talked to a friend on Tuesday who was feeling horrible, her husband was starting to come down with "the cold", four or five people she knew already had "the cold", and from being on facebook this morning I saw that at least one other person has been stricken with "the cold!" I am a miserable sick person especially when on vacation and I really hope that my immunities will be on high alert and I won't catch "the cold" that seems to be going around. This is June, there shouldn't be colds going around, that is what is suppose to happen in January!
Two more days and about 3 or 4 loads of laundry to go. I am very frustrated my wardrobe is microscopic and I discovered yesterday that I am missing two shirts. How on earth did I lose two white shirts???? I wonder how long they have been missing. I am trying to be very strategic on what clothes I am wearing now so I will have mostly clean clothes for the beach. It stinks having only a weeks worth of clothes, but I can't rationalize spending a lot of money on maternity clothes that I will never wear again (90% of the clothes I had with Lance I did not wear again) and with living with a toddler things can't get worn more then once because at the end of the day I am covered in dirt, snot, food, and who knows what else. Today I am going to break it down and torture my poor child with some vacuuming!

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