Thursday, May 22, 2008

stuck in the moment

Lance has a cold, my poor buddy, he is not a happy camper and I feel so bad for him. He keeps gagging on all that congestion and tries so hard to breathe out of his nose which is so stuffed which causes the gagging and he hates to have his nose wiped which makes him cry which makes even more snot. Yesterday, I gagged while trying to wipe off his nose, it was that gross, which reminds me of my sensitive stomach and extremely easy gag reflex and I get stuck in the moment thinking that my annoying symptoms will never go away. I find myself thinking that this cold will never go away when time seems to tick by so slowly especially when I am up quite a few times at night and awoken to coughing and heaving by the poor guy. Not only am I stuck in the moment when it comes to illness and pregnancy, but when it comes to life. I am trying to stay focused on the future and positives, but lately with gas prices, poor business, and everything else crazy going on it isn't easy. I know that there is no guarantee to have an easy life, but I would sure like a breather for a bit. wait, haven't I said that before?

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