Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am the store wishing for some customers because staying busy makes the day go by faster. Jeff is putting on an event and unfortunately it seems that things are slow where he is as well as here at the store. Where are all the people? Saturdays are suppose to be busy in the retail world. Lance is taking a nap on a blanket on the floor behind the display case and I am running out of things to look at online and I am bored. An hour and half left, that is a long time when you are sitting here doing nothing. I am tempted to do some rearranging, but the store is kind of empty right now so there isn't much to change unfortunately. This past week was quite hectic especially since Jeff's car died and we were down to one car. I think I drove every day this past week (there goes my goal of not driving at least two days every week), but there wasn't a day that I didn't have something going on. Monday was small group. Tuesday I got a haircut. Wednesday was . . . Oh, my first customer yeah, bummer they were just paying for something they already had so it only took a few minutes. Wednesday I worked at Magnolia and I drove there, but I know we did something that morning but I have no clue what we did. Thursday morning we went to Target and got diapers and lunch for Jeff. Friday we had to be at the shop so Jeff could go to the DMV to switch things for his car and I went to the grocery store, but Wednesday, we drove somewhere, but where? Fortunately next week won't be so busy (maybe I can make up for my tons of driving this week) and now that Jeff has a car it makes life a lot easier. Jeff is now driving around in what he calls an old person car- a 2006 Ford Focus wagon in a light sea foam green, it wasn't his first choice, but we were given a deal we couldn't pass up and the whole one car thing was not working. Also, I am done with my month of working at Magnolia, thank goodness, I feel like such a wimp, even though it was only 4 hours, it was very tough on me. I feel like such a goob because I did so much when I was pregnant with Lance and now I can barely handle a day at home and working 4 hours, am I going to be able to handle two kids?

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