Friday, May 23, 2008

finally, a Sabbath

Jeff has finally considered what I have been asking him to do for awhile now and I am so happy that he is going to try out my idea. Starting this weekend he is going to have the shop open on Sundays and closed on Mondays, so he will finally have a Sabbath. We will actually have a whole day to share together and he will for the first time in almost 7 years have a whole day off. He technically has Sundays off now, but at least once a month he has had an event and then with him running sound at church and small group in the evenings we really haven't had much time to spend together, about 4 hours, and that hardly equates to a whole day off. This will also give us the opportunity (if gas prices ever come down and the shop does more business) to be able to get away for a day or two because hiring someone to work 4 hours on Sunday is cheaper and easier then finding someone for 8 hours on a Monday. Also, because a lot of people don't work on Sundays we hopefully will have more business in 4 hours then we would on a Monday and with the other business being closed we can have events and not have to worry about upsetting the other business in our shopping center. I am really happy for Jeff that he will actually have a whole day off that he can do some things that he likes to do and we can do some things together as a family. I have a women's small group that I go to on Monday mornings and I can take Lance with me and then Jeff can actually have the morning to himself or the two of them can hang out together and do stuff. When the baby comes having him home one whole day will be a big help too. Maybe some of those home improvement projects can get done around the house, but that could be aiming a little too high! Anyways, I am excited that Jeff will finally have a day off.

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