Friday, May 09, 2008

so little time

Life seems pretty blah right now, nothing exciting, most everything is difficult. The business is struggling which in turn makes us struggle financially. I am tired of fighting the drama of life: business, family, money, and I just want a break. Life is mountaintops and valleys and I am ready to get out of the valley for a little while, I don't need a mountaintop, but a plateau would sure be nice. My wise friend said there is water in the valley, I just need to find some refreshment and an opportunity to get away, get my head cleared, this was suppose to happen next weekend, but due to lack of funds we aren't able to get away for the weekend. Life is very busy and thank goodness I am done with work next week, though the money is helpful, it throws off my week and I don't get the down time I need. I just need a break with my family, I am tired of waiting for things to get better and slower, I need to stop now, the only problem is, if I stop I will probably just fall asleep and not enjoy the break enough.

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