Friday, May 09, 2008

baby names

We haven't settled on a baby name yet, actually we haven't really talked about names since before the ultrasound. Before we knew the sex of the baby we were working on boy names because it seemed so much harder than girl names and I assumed we would have another boy, anyways, we don't have a name, but we have time. Turns out the boy name was easier to decide on, we liked Wesley, Wesley George actually, but it doesn't matter now. We each have a name that we like and at first I didn't like the name Jeff picked but it is starting to grow on me and I am starting to obsess over finding the perfect name because Lance's is so perfect for him and has meaning. The one girl name of signficance that I liked is Hannah which Jeff vetoed immediately (it is my maiden name), he also vetoed Emma and Anna (my great grandmother's names). Yesterday at Target I even consulted the Baby Name Wizard, but I didn't like any girl names that they had connected with Lance, that is a neat idea to over siblings names. Back in December I would call the baby Lily, and I really like Lily, it sounds so nice with Lance, but I think it is really popular right now and since having a really popular name myself I want to kind of stay away from a super popular name. Jeff really likes Olivia, and at first I didn't, but I am starting to like it more, it too is very popular. Today I found a middle name I liked- Olivia Joy and I can't decide on a middle name to go with Lily. I like the sound of Olivia Joy, but it seems so unoriginal, not that I want to name her anything super original, never been done before, no one can pronounce or spell original, but something special. I had picked out with the help of a friend awhile ago Adelyn Joi, but it is to close to Adeline (which I don't love), my mom hated it (whose opinion I value) and I didn't really like the middle name nor was I able to find a middle name that I liked with Adelyn. I am worried that I haven't looked around enough at names in general to find the perfect one, this naming thing is hard, or it is a lot harder than it was with Lance (which we had picked out years beforehand). So yesterday she was Lily and today Olivia Joy, I wonder what I will call her tomorrow, any suggestions?

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