Tuesday, May 13, 2008

a non-event

As I jump around the Internet I see and read of all of the wonderful things that husbands and children did for moms on mother's day. I wish I could tell of some unexpected gift or a really sweet card made by Jeff and Lance, but I can't, because someone forgot. How I am not so sure, we made Mother's Day cards for the grandmas and great-grandma's on Friday, but I was somehow overlooked. My mom did take Lance to the garden store on Saturday and he picked out some flowers for me to plant, which is very nice, so I did get some flowers from Lance. Since Jeff was running sound at church and had to leave early Sunday morning Lance and I went to breakfast. We shared some french toast and a hot chocolate, but I only got a sip or two of hot chocolate before Lance took over and won't share it with me, he really likes hot chocolate. After church Jeff did get some highly addictive french fries from the Cavalier store down the street that we shared while we watched a movie we had rented the night before. Since it was cold and rainy out we just sat on the couch until it was time to head over to my mom's house for dinner. My mom, grandma, sister, sister's husband, and the three and half of us had a great meal despite my stomach being a little upset after accidentally eating some sesame pretzels (sesame is my MAJOR food aversion and just talking about it makes me feel kind of yucky). Anyways, Mother's Day was a non-event, but it wasn't a bad day and though I get a little bummed that no efforts were made towards me, but isn't that what motherhood is all about. Even though I am probably off the hook for Father's Day, I have some really neat ideas on what to do for Jeff so maybe he will do something nice for me some random day this summer which is honestly what I would prefer, him doing something nice when it isn't expected or he feels like he has too.

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