Saturday, April 12, 2008

what we have been up to

The weather has been amazing these last couple of days so we have been spending all of our time outside.

Wednesday Jeff came home early from work and cut the grass. Lance wants to be just like Daddy so he helped by making sure the yard was evenly cut.

Too bad he is too little to use the real mower, we would probably have the best looking yard on the block.

Lance is also really into hats right now, once again he wants to be just like daddy who is always wearing a hat of some kind.
He put on this knit hat I made him awhile ago all by himself, it took some practice.

Thursday we actually got to wear short and short sleeves for the first time this spring! Lance looks quite cute in his "capants" (shorts that end up being more like capris)

We accomplished our goal of not driving two days a week this week. We didn't drive anywhere Wednesday and Thursday and actually we didn't drive anywhere Friday until the late afternoon.

We didn't stay at home all day, we walked down to Magnolia for a snack Thursday morning and to two church playgrounds, so despite not driving we were still going places. I realized this week how thankful I am that we live in walking distance to many things: several church playgrounds, the post office, a deli/ gourmet food store (Magnolia), the park, the grocery store, the ice cream store, and other places that we could walk to but don't. Also, with being outside I realized what a great outdoor space we have. We have a deck in the back, a porch on the side, a large, flat backyard, a nice flat front yard, nice landscaping, and though at times our house seems cramped, the outside area is wonderful. I would love a larger house, but I realize that we might not get such an awesome yard in another house and I am just now able to really enjoy some of the flowers that I have planted because they are just now getting established. The first fall we were in the house we planted purple tulips. The next spring we got one or two tulips per planting, now that it has been four years we have 5-6 tulips coming up and they are looking amazing. Though I would love a larger house, it makes me sad to think I wouldn't be here to enjoy all my flowers as well as having to start over from scratch. I am really learning to be content with what we have and figuring out ideas on how to make things work where we are without having to leave.

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