Monday, April 28, 2008

the party

On Friday we had a small party for Lance. This party, nine people was microscopic compared to last year, but we knew that Lance would have the most fun with the fewest people and right now we can't afford to feed an army of people. My mom and sister came, as well as Jeff's parents, and then Lance's friends were John and Thomas (who I use to babysit for). Lance was so excited when the boys arrived he started running all over the house squealing, I have never see him so excited. Lance got a sandbox for his birthday from my mom and the boys had a good time playing in the sandbox before dinner. I cleaned off the deck and we had planned on eating outside, but the weather had other ideas. It was quite windy and the pollen from the neighbor's trees was quite frustrating so we decided to eat inside which was for the best because it was thundering and looked like it was going to rain any second. We moved inside just before it started to rain and enjoyed our cookout inside. After dinner we opened presents which was very exciting for Lance especially now that he can open them himself and he loves new toys. Lance's favorite part of the night came next, cake, and not because he ate any cake, but because he was able to blow out tons of candles, his favorite pastime. Since he loves blowing out candles I put as many candles as I could on the cake. It was hard to get him to not blow them out while we were lighting them and we ended up lighting them 3 times, the first time he blew them out before we could sing or get pictures, the second time was after we sang "happy birthday" and the third time we lit them was so Jeff's mom could get some pictures of the cake lit without the main light on. I am not a fan of "recreating" moments that have already occurred (cake blowing out, the first kiss at a wedding, etc), but I wasn't bothered since blowing out the candles makes Lance light up with such excitement. Lance was so excited about his new toys that he didn't eat any cake and ice cream, what a good kid I have! After playing with John and Thomas for awhile it was starting to get late and it was time for everyone to leave. Lance was so sad he started to cry, it made me sad, but I was happy to know that he had a great time and hope that we can invite the boys over again soon to play, Lance loves them and thinks they are the coolest.
I was a slacker when it came to taking pictures with my camera, most of the pictures are on Jeff's camera, I like his a lot more, but I took cake pictures with mine. The party didn't have much a theme, but Lance right now loves skateboarding as well as all other form of transportation, but since I didn't know how to create truck cake, we went with a skateboard cake. He loves skateboarding and will sit and watch the kids at the park for 30 minutes and is always trying to ride one so I decided to try and make him a skateboard cake. The cake turned out nice and the candles look great, but I was not happy with my print job on his name, I used the store bought icing in a pouch and it came out so irregular and my perfectionist self was not pleased, but the white icing was so thin I couldn't redo it so it stayed the way it was. So here is Lance's skateboard cake:

I can't believe we were actually able to hold Lance off from blowing the candles out to take a picture. Since he loves to blow out candles (a dangerous passion for a toddler) we put as many candles as we could on the cake, and he was able to blow them all out himself.
And of course we have the classic blowing shot, look at that determination:

So despite the storm the party was a lot of fun and the evening turned out to be quite enjoyable. I know that Lance enjoyed himself and that is the best part.

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