Monday, March 24, 2008

what season is it?

I am totally confused with the weather currently.
It is suppose to be spring
It has been acting like spring:
warm temperatures
flowers and trees blooming
allergies raging (more on that to come)
the calendar indicates spring
but today the weather didn't get the memo
today it snowed!
From November till the end of February all I wanted it to do was snow and though having it stick and be substantial would have been awesome, I just wanted to see the flakes fall.
If it is cold outside I think it should snow. We got a small dose of snow twice I think this winter and a dusty here or there, but overall it was a very disappointing winter. By the end of February I gave up on seeing anymore snowflakes and looked forward to spring. Then today, I looked outside and noticed that it was snowing! What in the world? It wasn't sticking because the temperature was in the mid 40's but there were flakes coming down, it was strange. Why couldn't it have done this a month or two ago, why now, when I want it to be 70 degrees outside. How can it snow today when Saturday it was 70 degrees outside, why does weather have to be so extreme? Why does it snow today when its only a 30% chance, but back in January when there was an 80% chance we got freezing rain or nothing?
Anyways, it was very strange to see snow coming down especially when you are dealing with seasonal allergies due to the trees blooming. There are some positives and negatives thus far with the allergy season. The positive: claritin has prevented me from being miserable, just a little inconvenienced. The negative: Lance is suffering. Before Lance was born I thought of traits that I hoped that Lance would and would not inherit from me, allergies was one I hoped he wouldn't get, but it looks like that wont' be the case. He has a very runny nose, watery eyes, and he has been sneezing like crazy. We have been giving him Benadryl and when it works it helps a lot, but you have to take it every 4-6 hours which is a lot and gives him quite a bit of time with no relief. Tonight on the recommendation of a friend who has a little boy with allergies we are going to try Zyrtec. Hopefully it will give him more relief and since it is taken every 24 hours it won't be so stop and go because there is a noticeable difference between on medicine and not. I guess another positive is that with Claritin and Zyrtec now being over the counter it doesn't involve having to go to the doctor for a prescription especially when Lance has very obvious allergy symptoms that go away with medicine.

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