Friday, March 21, 2008

he can't talk, but

he can set the table for dinner.
Wednesday night I was getting ready for dinner and Lance was underfoot so I handed him a plate, then another plate, his plate and forks. I couldn't see what he was doing because I was around the corner and I expected to see the plates on the floor or if I was lucky the chairs, but I was shocked to see them in the right places. Lance had put a plate with a fork where Jeff and I sit and his special plate and fork at his chair. I was so impressed that I tried it again last night and once again, he set the table with a fork and knife and plate where we all sit. I am so impressed with the little man and the big help setting the table can be, it is a much better activity then pulling out all of the pots and pans like he normally does.
Also, after dinner Jeff and Lance went outside to play. When they came in Lance went in the bathroom and stood by the toilet and tried to pull down his pants. Turns out he had a dirty diaper. Once again, I was impressed that he made the connection and is already interested.
He is also quite the little copycat. This morning Jeff was in the bathroom reading as he usually does and Lance came in, grabbed a magazine himself and sat down on his stool, he was copying Jeff, it was very funny and cute, I just hope he won't mistake his stool for a potty (the stool has a lid just like the potty).
Lance doesn't say much, or at least that we can understand, but he is quite smart in a lot of other ways.

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