Tuesday, March 04, 2008

not much

The days have gone by quickly and I don't really know what we have been doing that has made them pass in a blink of an eye. I can't say anything noteworthy or exceptional has occurred. I guess the days go by when you nap through naptime and play the rest of the day.
Yesterday was really beautiful, it was warm and sunny and was so nice. Also, yesterday Lance took a total of a 30 minute nap in the car on the way home from small group and I was stunned that he was very pleasant the rest of the day! Normally he is a total grouch if he doesn't get enough sleep, but yesterday he was awesome, today though another story. Today isn't cold, but it is cloudy and blah out, we did get a little bit of outside playtime in and had a major temper tantrum when I tried bringing him inside. Lance is a ball of fury today, probably a result of no nap yesterday and getting up early. Hopefully he will wake up from nap happier. And the last three days Lance, Mr. eat nothing and be happy, is eating as much as I do. This morning at breakfast he ate everything he had on his plate and then ate the rest of my muffin and bacon. He has never eaten as much as he has the last three days, he must be on a growth spurt, but I am glad to see him eating considering some days he will eat two bites and then say "all done."
This morning, I started rearranging Lance and my room in preparation for baby. We have ridiculously small closets and until Friday I kept my clothes hung up on a rod in our bedroom (we have such little space I am starting now to figure out how we are going to manage it all). Since none of my clothes currently fit I was able to move the few items I can wear to my mini closet and put the changing table where the hanging rack was. I hope to put a toy box in Lance's room where the changing table was. I don't know how we are going to fit a baby and all of the baby gear into our house, we have no more room!
So not much going on here, just domestic life. Counting down the days until the 31st when we find out whether we have a girl baby or a boy baby, I found a girl name I like, my mom hates it- Analyn. She says it is to different, I say that is why I like it, I am not totally sold. I like Ethan for a boy, but it is so popular right now that I don't know, I don't want a really popular name, I hated being one of many Sarahs growing up in school, I would get jealous of people who were called just by their first name when I was always called by my first and last name because there was always more than one Sarah in my class. Fortunately we have quite awhile before we have to settle on anything.

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