Friday, March 07, 2008

something a pregnant lady shouldn't have to see

Yesterday the weather was very nice so Lance and I went for a walk after nap. There is one section of our route that Lance likes to get out of the stroller and walk and I don't mind since the sidewalk is extra wide and flat. While walking we saw several school buses which made Lance stop, point, and stand in awe, he loves all vehicles of transportation, the bigger the better. After several buses we heard a siren, wow, I thought, we are going to see all of Lance's favorite vehicles in one stretch of road. I picked Lance up so he could get a better look of the ambulance when it came into view. When we finally did see it, I noticed that it wasn't an ordinary ambulance and my heart sank. I didn't even know this type of ambulance existed and it almost made me cry just to think about it. It was a Newborn Transport ambulance from UVA. I knew that newborns in critical shape were taken to UVA, but I had no idea that they had their own ambulance, I thought they just rode in a regular one for the our trip to UVA. The ambulance was headed towards the birth center at the hospital and it had it lights and siren on. My heart goes out to the little baby that had to be transported to UVA and its parents who are probably dealing with intense stress of having a newborn that needs extra care. As I was walking home I realized how blessed I am that Lance was born healthy and without complications, I can't imagine what parents go through when their babies need lots of care and they aren't the big strong baby Lance was. I also said a prayer that new baby would be healthy and would not have complications. Even today, I still get sad thinking of a tiny baby in a huge ambulance and I hope it will be able to be home soon and in the arms of their family.

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