Saturday, February 09, 2008

the maternity clothes gods hate me

Is it too much to ask to not want to look frumpy??????
I just want some clothes that fit! Why is that such a difficult request??????
My post-lance pants are now tight and my regular shirts are starting to reveal belly and I have nothing to wear.
Tuesday was 10% Tuesday at the Gap so I purchased 2 tees and 2 pair of pants. One pair of pants I really loved and couldn't wait to receive. The items came in the mail yesterday and I was horrified after trying them on. The jeans were too tight and too short, it looked quite comical and I was quite disappointed though because I was afraid the next size up would be too large and then I didn't know whether I should get them in long or regular. Then I tried on the chinos and was quite flustered and wondering if it would ever be possible to find pants that fit at all. The chinos were clearly not the size marked, they were made for someone twice my size, there is NO WAY that these pants were the size marked. I was quite upset because I had good luck with the Gap in the past, but so far this isn't going well. Then when I logged onto yesterday I noticed the jeans were now on sale, go figure!!!! I hate to buy many pants since it will be warm hopefully in two months and I will be in warm weather clothing and not being wearing as many pants, but I can't exist on two pairs of pants and two long sleeve shirts until April!
I see women all the time who are preggo and look nice I am very curious where they find clothes and why I seem to be clueless when it comes to finding maternity clothes. I have even tried a consignment shop and everything was too big or I really didn't like what was there, if I don't love it, I won't wear it. I don't want a whole new wardrobe, I just want to be able to have a few outfits to wear.

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Agnes Miller said...

Complain away. I didn't much like my pregnancy either, I'm hoping [if and when I get pregnant again!] that the next time will be a breeze. I'll be neat, energetic, won't have back ache, and will look as lovely as all those celebs I see in magazine. Though, without their budget to buy all those nice maternity clothes, I very much doubt it. Don't beat yourself up, maternity clothes don't come cheap so just do the best you can. Have you tried ebay for good stuff at better prices? A. x p.s. still think it could be a girl, you sound so like I did. Only time [and nature] will tell.


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