Monday, February 11, 2008

daddy's not allowed to go out of town again

unless he takes us with him of course.
Jeff went to South Carolina for the winter sports trade show and left us here yesterday and it has been an interesting experience. Lance has daddy radar and was up when Jeff was yesterday morning and didn't go back to sleep, so we we started our day at 6:30, we usually get up around 7:15, i like that extra 45 minutes of sleep. We got ready for church and headed over. Lance didn't seem upset with daddy leaving, but when we got to church Lance was not a happy camper. We were in the hallway setting up for the children's program and Lance kept wanting to go into the ballroom of the conference center where we actually meet for church. He got quite upset when I wouldn't go in with him. When I was done with what needed to be set up for the morning we headed into the ballroom and Lance immediately headed back to the sound area where daddy usually is. He looked all around and then realized daddy wasn't at church. He was pretty clingy for the rest of the morning, but played and had a good time during the service. After service he seemed to be on the look out for Jeff again and was extremely upset when I headed to the bathroom. We then headed home and I tried to get Lance to take a nap, but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen. It was extremely windy yesterday (30 mph winds) and it was really loud upstairs so every time I tried to put him down he freaked out (the boy has sensitive ears like his dad, yet his ears don't seem bad when he is screaming bloody murder). I eventually gave up trying to get him to sleep (in various places) and he eventually crashed on the couch. When he woke up from nap, saying he was in a foul mood would not even begin to describe him. He cried and screamed and nothing I would do would get him to stop. I offered juice, snack, blanket, even a sucker, but he still was screaming and wouldn't stop. I headed over to my mom's house and I think the whole neighborhood heard lance screaming and probably thought I was torturing him, but there was nothing I could do to make him stop. His scream was so loud it hurt my ears, it was horrible. We got to my mom's and he stopped for a few minutes, but once we got inside he started back up again. We tried everything to make him happy, but nothing seemed to work. He calmed down a bit when I got him to help me feed the cats, but he still wasn't his usual self. He finally snapped out of his funk after dinner when Grandma let him play with water in the sink and make a mess of her living room. We then headed home and took a bath, the second for the day, this boy loves water and then we got ready for bed. We read our stories then watched tv and lance fell asleep. Since I don't sleep well when Jeff is gone (wait, I don't sleep anymore all the time) I kept Lance in bed with me to keep my company and so I wouldn't have to go and get him if he woke up really early in the morning. He slept great, I was up at 4 and had a hard time going back to sleep, but nothing unusual for me. I eventually fell back asleep and was awoken at 7 this morning to lance saying something and getting as close as humanly possible to me as he could. I figured since I couldn't sleep in we would wake daddy up so we gave him a wake up call and lance actually made some noise on the phone to him (he is usually dead silent when someone tries talking to him). We are dressed and ready for the day. We are going to head over to Magnolia for some muffins, hit the grocery, and then decorate a cake for my mom. Jeff fortunately will be home tonight, I don't like being home alone, which is strange because before lance came along I didn't mind it so much. I guess I worry that something might happen with Lance and I can't handle it or that my all day sickness will leave me incapable of taking care of both of us, who knows.
And another reason Jeff can't go out of town again, he car sucks! I am too afraid to drive anywhere too far because I don't trust his car. He says the reason it jerks is because it isn't running on all cylinders, he has needed to get it fixed for ever, but he always puts off car repairs until they are too expensive. I hate his car and wish we had the money to buy something a little nicer, one that you don't have to put into neutral to idle at stoplights because the bucking it does will make you motion sick.

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