Wednesday, February 06, 2008

a good day with a bad ending

Yesterday was such a great day.
It was warm, we were able to play outside all day, we went for two walks, we were able to see friends, we had a yummy dinner with my mom.
It was a wonderful day, but it ended badly.
I felt not quite right last night around 10:30 (bloated but nothing new there because I tend to do that if I eat a little more than usual) and unfortunately I was puking by 11:30.
I was afraid it was a stomach bug or the salmon we had at dinner, but an hour after my ordeal I was starving and I never had any other symptoms associated with either or more episodes in teh bathroom. The whole ordeal was miserable because I really didn't have anything in my stomach to get rid of which made things rough and I really didn't feel better afterwards.
So here I am 2 days before 14 weeks and this whole morning/evening/all day sickness is getting worse and not better! I never actually got sick with Lance, I felt like it, but never did. This baby better be a girl because I don't think I can deal with this again and take care of two kids. As I keep saying, this pregnancy has been a lot harder than mine with Lance, by this time with him I was loving food and life (and I am normally not much of a food lover). I am terrified I am going to be one of those women out there who are ill their entire pregnancy.
Fortunately I felt not too bad this morning, despite being really tired because I couldn't fall asleep and Lance heard me up and about and ended up sleeping with us which makes for a rough night sleep. Lance and I were able to go for a walk with a friend before the cold rain started. Our warm weather days are coming to an end for a while and it makes me sad, I love warm sunny days and I am looking forward to spring!

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