Saturday, February 02, 2008

it has to happen just once

it did, so hopefully it won't happen again.
Lance pooped in the tub this morning.
It has to happen just once, it did, so now we won't have to worry about it again, yeah right.
Fortunately it wasn't much and Jeff was home to clean it up because me, Ms. Gag-at-anything, couldn't handle it, I have gotten quite pathetic in the last week and I'm not afraid to admit it.
Onto cleaner subjects.

Today Lance had a test, a test to see if he could handle a road trip.
He failed.
Next weekend I was considering heading down to South Carolina with Jeff for a trade show. It would only be for 2 days and with a drive of over 5 hours we didn't know if it would be worth it since Lance is not the best traveler so today we did a dry run, a trip to a city a little over an hour away to do some shopping and just do something different. I packed tons of snacks and toys to entertain the boy and the car ride there wasn't so bad. Lance did fuss for a few minutes, but fell asleep shortly thereafter. Lance was great at lunch, he even ate more than he usually does when at the table (he loves to eat on the go, he can't sit still-why our experiment probably failed). After lunch we headed downtown and hit some shops. He once again did better than expected because most of these stores were not stroller or kid friendly despite some of them selling children's clothing and toys. I did quite a bit of window shopping because there were a few places I wouldn't dare taking Lance into in fear that I wouldn't be able to afford to pay for anything he might destroy. After downtown we did a quick trip to Old Navy (it is much bigger than ours) and found a few maternity clothes for myself. We then went to Ben and Jerry's for a treat before he headed on the road back home. Lance, up until this point had been marvelous, pleasant, fun, add as many adjectives as you want until we put him back in his car seat to head home. He started getting fussy right away and the fussing turned to crying which turned to screaming. I was offering him his blanket, food, juice box, toys, cell phone, wallet, everything I could grab in hopes of making him stop. At one point he got so upset he did the silent scream, he didn't breathe, and started changing colors, I thought we were going to have to pull over and revive him, it was scary! He kept trying to get out of his car seat and loosening his straps did not offer him any satisfaction. Of course as luck would have it, there is no place to stop for the first 30 or so minutes back home. Finally we made it to the half way point and stopped at a store to remove Lance from him car seat, get him calmed down, and attempt to figure out how we were going to make it the last 30 minutes home. As soon as he was out of the car seat he stopped, he didn't even do those snuffle/hiccup/recovery cry sounds that he usually does when he is upset. We got out and got something to drink and I looked for something in the store that I could use to make Lance content for the last 30 minutes, he loves lollipops and fortunately I was able to find a 20 pack of Tootsie Roll Pops (the mini kind)! I immediately opened the bag and gave him a wrapped sucker and told him that he could have it when he was in his car seat. We headed towards the car and I moved the car seat to the center position because it was easier for me to deal with him in the middle instead of directly behind me (and I can't sit in the back due to pregnancy motion sickness). Lance was quite anxious to get back in the car despite his desire 5 minutes earlier to get out and as I assumed stay out. At this point I am thinking that Lance is possessed because how can he go from screaming and clawing to get out to wanting to get in? We started back home and Lance enjoyed his sucker without any problems (I am on eggshells expecting all you know what to break loose). He finished it and started fussing so I gave him another. He enjoyed that one for awhile and when he was 2/3 done he threw up his hands and announced "all done!" I was quite shocked, he repeated himself and even did the sign language for all done. I have been trying to teach him for over a year but he has never shown an interest in repeating! Heck, the boy has shown no interest in saying anything until this moment!!!! I gave him a wipe to clean his hands, he grabbed his blanket, and a few minutes later fell asleep. I was quite puzzled at how my child could go from one extreme to another. My mother and I tried to figure out his strange behavior and decided that his dislike for the car (he gets fussy after about 20 minutes) must be due to his need to be moving and unrestrained at all times. So after this afternoon's episode I decided that Lance and I will not be traveling down to South Carolina because 2 days isn't worth dealing with a car meltdown and we will be on a tight schedule and I can't deal with the stress.
When we got home from our trip Lance and I took a walk and then we had a message that a neighbor had brought over a bike that someone was getting rid of and they thought Lance would enjoy, he loves it! He played with it for quite awhile outside and when I told him we needed to go inside he insisted on bringing it with him. Here he is enjoying his new bike, he hasn't figured out though how to pedal, but he is quite good at steering and can go fast backwards.

today was the first warm, sunny day in awhile, and I am looking forward to the warm days ahead, but since it has been so cold we have had to entertain ourselves indoors so here is Lance's new swing (aka daddy):
Unlike my pregnancy with Lance, this time around I LOVE ice cream, especially chocolate fudge brownie and as you can see, Lance is my son, he loves it too:

oh and another thing. When Lance was done eating dinner today he said "all done" again with hand motions. Shortly thereafter I went upstairs to use the bathroom. Lance followed me to the stairs and said "up" a few times before Jeff escorted him up, he is very good at not going up or down the stairs without us, I know this won't last so I am definitely enjoying it now!

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