Thursday, January 31, 2008

there should be a rule

No one should get any gray hairs until at least age 35.
Last night when washing my hands I noticed in the mirror a very shiny, wild hair strand.
Upon closer examination I noticed it was gray. I tried to pull it out, but I couldn't, I even enlisted Jeff's help, but no such luck. I shouldn't have gray hair, I am not even 30 yet, and this must be a new one because I just had my hair colored a little over a month ago. The sad thing is, it was quite thick and makes me wish all of my hair was that thick, I hate my limp fine hair sometimes.
While I am on the subject of hair, I thought your hair stopped falling out when you were pregnant (let me rephrase, you didn't lose as much while you are pregnant). Now I know you lose some, but I sure haven't noticed a reduction in hair loss yet, I seem to have lots of the negatives of pregnancy, but none of the positives yet: my hair is still falling out as usual, those that were deflated from nursing have not been inflated yet, my skin is not glowing (if anything extremely itchy), and I have no cute maternity clothes to show off my bump (but hopefully Tuesday we will purchase a few items from Gap, the only clothes that I have found that fit). While thinking about pregnancy, the gagging and dry heaving is getting worse and not better, I only have a week left of the first trimester and things are getting worse and not better, I want to be able to enjoy this pregnancy and not moan and groan the whole time.
Enough whining, there is finally a tv show that isn't a repeat on tonight! Yeah! Lost after almost a year will be back on, finally something other than reality or Nintendo ( i think i am almost over it), now if I can just stay awake to watch it.


donna said...

I agree with your theory but I think the minimum age for gray hair should be 50. I have several but my hairdresser takes very good care of them for me.

Agnes Miller said...

This will make you feel better...I'm nearly 34 and I've been colouring my grey hair since my early twenties! So very very wrong. Oh and I think you're having a girl, your symptoms remind me of my own when I was expecting my daughter : )


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