Thursday, February 21, 2008

if you can't clean up the poo

you shouldn't have a dog.
Yesterday afternoon despite the threat of rain and the cold temperatures we took a walk to get out and get some exercise. I get so frustrated because walking down the street on the sidewalk is like walking through a minefield, a minefield of poo that is. It is obvious the ordinance my oh-so- wonderful city has implemented (note sarcasm) is working effectively (because enforcement is virtually impossible- if you see it happen you report the person's name to the clerk of court- guess how many times you see it and get a chance to ask them who they are!) I think there is more dog poop then before their was an ordinance stating to clean it up, and more on sidewalks and the road. It is bad when your allow your dog to poop in someone else's yard, but when they do it on the sidewalk and you leave it there, that is just wrong and you don't deserve to be a dog owner. The tires on the jogging stroller are nasty because of all the crap we roll through because who wants to stare at the ground the whole time? I noticed Tuesday, that someone had let their dog (a large one I gathered from the pile they left) poop right on the sidewalk right in front of the walkway leading to an older woman's house. It is so bad that last spring someone let their Great Dane poop in our yard and didn't clean up their dog's HUGE pile in our yard (I would have turned them in since we know who they are, but of course we didn't see it happen, but we know it was them because there is only 1 Great Dane in the neighborhood and unless a horse was in our yard the great dane was the culprit). Jeff put a sign in the pile asking for it to be cleaned up, no one of course ever did, but neighbors came by and took pictures, we were a landmark for a few weeks, yes we are that classy.
On to more positive, less complaining topics:
Last night I did something unusual, I stood outside in the freezing cold (I really hate being cold) to watch the lunar eclipse. It was really beautiful. The moon was very red and appeared so much closer then normal. We being the dorks that we are tried to take some pictures, but of course they didn't turn out. It was cloudy all afternoon and evening so I didn't think we would be able to see anything, but it cleared up by 10 so we got to enjoy the night sky. Later, I realized I could see it out my bedroom window, but I am glad I put on shoes and my winter coat and froze for 10 minutes are so, it surprised Jeff, I am usually not up for standing outside for the heck of it after dark.
Also, Lance really loves books and now he will sit through some longer, more enjoyable stories, not just one liner rhyming books. We went to the library yesterday and got some new books. My two new favorites picture books are: How I became a Pirate (the pictures are fun and colorful) and Bats at the Beach (one again, beautiful pictures, this one we got for Christmas and I love it). My new favorite one liner type is How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog (I just realized both of these books are about teaching manner/behavior, hmmm what does that say about me). It is a lot of fun to actually read a picture book and not just board books or books that repeat the same thing over and over again. It is also fun to get to have some books for the library instead of reading the same ones over and over and over. Lance's current favorites are- The Deep Blue Sea and Ten Little Fish. Lance also loves and Jeff hates- The Little Engine that Could (the original version). Lance loves it so much he carried it around with him some days instead of his blanket.


Meredith B said...

How fun that Lance has a favorite book. I remember Garrett just loved DR Seuss's ABC's book. He called it "E,E,E". The Lynchburg Library has a great toddler story time-you should check it out!

Agnes Miller said...

When Lance is a little bit older you just have to introduce him to 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. It is the best; husband and I love it nearly as much as Peanut does.


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