Wednesday, February 20, 2008

how could I forget this!

Mexican food + Jeff + small room waiting for doctor =

embarrassing gagging situation

Sunday night, at small group someone brought Taco Soup for dinner. I made a bean dip to go with chips and it was yummy. The result of Jeff consuming a large quantity of beans was me realizing the gagging and dry heaving is not over yet for this pregnancy. It began on the way to the doctor's office when a horrible odor hit me in the car. We tried to roll down the windows, but when it is 30 some degrees outside it makes things just as bad. I gagged a few times in the car and thought I might have to pull over and throw up, but I calmed myself down. We got to the doctor's office and after the typical stats were taken we were shown to a room. We were waiting for the doctor when Jeff tried to pull the privacy curtain to block the foul odor from overtaking the whole room. Unfortunately, he was not successful and I began to gag and dry heave. I ended up walking to the door of the room and tried discreetly to breathe fresh air without making a scene, but I had to get farther away from the odor and stood in the hallway, it was the worst smell ever. I was so embarrassed that I was escaping my husband's gas that I was laughing so hard I was crying. The doctor was in the hallway writing some paperwork and asked if I was okay. I could barely speak due to my hysterical laughing and gagging, but I did manage to tell him to ask Jeff what the problem was. After what seemed like ages I was able to go back into the room and wait for the doctor. It was quite embarrassing and I feel like such a goob, but I couldn't stay in that room with the door closed or what little breakfast I had eaten would be gone and can you imagine how bad it would be if the doctor came in to that horrible smell, I would have never been able to face the doctor again! So after feeling like a complete dork I am kind of glad I don't have to go back for six weeks, but then again, maybe the doctor didn't want to see me for six weeks because I am a complete dork. Next time, I think Jeff will stay at home, or at least if he has eaten any bean products in the last 48 hours.

On a totally different subject.
Lance loves dogs and cats. If he would talk he would probably tell us he would like one as a pet. So what does any loving parent do when their child wants a dog or cat?
Buys them a fish.

A beta to be exact and he loves it! Its name is "what's that" since that is what Lance says a 100 times a day especially when referring to the fish. I am amazed that so far he is still alive, 5 days, I didn't know if he would make it that long. Lance loves to watch him and he has a bad habit of tapping on the side of the bowl which is probably causing long term damage to what's that's nervous system. Also, I was quite impressed that the next day Lance could identify the fish if you asked him. It just blows me away the things he picks up on that I wouldn't think he would, but he does. I hope that what's that will live a long happy life and he will get used to the earthquakes that occur ever few hours due to excited toddler saying hello.

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