Tuesday, February 19, 2008

6 more weeks

until we find out whether we are having a girl baby or a boy baby. Today I had my second doctor visit and we heard the heartbeat- 160, not as fast as lance's 165, but it sure sounded like a fast train. I have gained 4lbs and everything is fine so I don't go back for six weeks. Six weeks sounds so long between visits. So far I feel like I never go to the doctor, but I guess that is good, everything is okay. I know it is just an old wives tale, but I was hoping for a heartbeat that was different then lance's in hopes that it would mean a girl, but I think I could handle a boy, after crying for a few days. I so want to have a girl, the clothes are so darn cute, I could get a new crib sheets in PINK, I could order some cute summer dresses from Boden for her, we could have tea parties, have a kitchen set, and the list could go on, but the number #1 reason jeff would give- so we wouldn't have to do this again (he wants no more babies). I love Lance to death and would never wish him to be a girl, but I would LOVE to have a girl, and if this one was a girl, I wouldn't have to pressure Jeff for #3. We joke about how the sex of this baby will determine how many children we are going to have. I love babies and children, though I don't like the first trimester, and I don't what it is like to have more than 1, I wouldn't mind having 3, well at least some days. There was something else I wanted to write about today, but it has totally disappeared from the brain, oh well, maybe later.

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