Saturday, February 16, 2008

heart attack, not really

A couple of months ago I took over the bills. I have gotten a little prideful about how I have managed to keep everything on track (also no overdraft fees, we had a couple in the fall) and I haven't missed a bill and as a result, I keep waiting for the fall (pride comes before the fall and all). I thought I had fallen this afternoon. Lance and I went out to lunch with my mom and after putting Lance in bed I was planning on taking a nap and on the way upstairs I grabbed the mail. I don't know why, wait I do, I am quite obsessive and neurotic about the bills lately so I opened them to see how much they were for and was hoping they would be lower then last month (my new obsession, paying down our debt,decrease our spending, and increasing our savings). I was quite groggy and ready to crash when I opened up the gas bill and discovered that the amount due was twice the normal amount! According to the bill we had never paid the bill for February. I was immediately awake, the possibility of taking a nap was gone and I knew that I wasn't going to relax until I figured this out. I knew that I had paid it. I checked our bank account online and saw money had been taken out for the bill (what would i do without online banking and bill payment?) so I went to grab the phone to call the company. I noticed then that the customer service is only Monday through Friday, how ghetto! I kept reading and discovered I could check my bill online so I registered my account and fortunately discovered that they had received my payment and it was all good (the bill was made before the money transfer had gone through). I was so excited (yeah, my life is that pitiful) and I was relieved to know that I hadn't dropped the ball (still prideful). Another bill that came in the mail got me excited, which is quite pathetic really, a statement from the credit agency that is dealing with Lance's hospital bill, we only owe them 84 dollars so it is almost paid off! YEAH! I had hoped to get it paid off before we got pregnant with #2, but that didn't happen. I am quite embarrassed to still be paying off the hospital bill from almost two years ago, but in my defense, they don't send that to you until 3 months after the baby is born, I don't think Jeff arranged a payment plan until 6 months after lance, so we have only been paying on it for a year and a bit, still pathetic I know, but it was quite a large chunk of change (240 dollars for motrin and tylenol, ridiculous!). We were doing really good paying it off until Jeff didn't pay any bills in September and it went to collections, but since I took over bill paying I have made it my goal to get rid of that bill and after the first part of March it will be done!!!! So now we can start saving money for the hospital bill for #2 which I am afraid of, our insurance this time around isn't as nice as it was when I was working, but hopefully it won't be too bad. When I think about finances and future goals, it seems impossible to pay off debt, expand family, pay bills, and save, but hopefully through the Grace of God the impossible will be possible, and I sure need a whole lot of grace to get through this next year financially.

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Agnes Miller said...

Firstly, well done on keeping everything in order and not skipping that bill.

Secondly, I can't believe having a baby leads you to incur a debt for a couple of years! I mean I'm not totally naive and have heard about the US healthcare system but I can only compare it to my own birth with Peanut where I didn't have to pay a penny. I'm sure the hospital was very very basic, but I got lucky and had her at a very good one. I guess I should appreciate stuff here a bit more.

I'm very military about the bills too, especially after last year. I just want us to not have any debt, or at least have loads of savings. Husband is as frivolous as me but I'm being more restrained. I keep having to pull him back, he thinks that because everything is 'alright now' that we have a licence to buy whatever. Wrong, wrong, wrong! My 'baby number 2' already has savings in their name, after all it may be the only way I get that Bugaboo!



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