Friday, February 15, 2008

come on spring

Today is sunny and the high is suppose to be around 60 and it makes me so excited for spring. Lance and I played outside this morning and we took a nice walk to enjoy the warm sunshine and temperatures. I am so excited about springtime, I can't wait. Lance and I walked around the yard for a bit and picked up some of the hundreds of sticks that came down last weekend and I noticed that my tulips are starting to poke through the ground, yeah spring is almost here! Also, today is a good day because he is currently napping, yesterday was rough. He finally fell asleep, but was only asleep for 30 minutes and the rest of the night everything would set him off because he was way too overly tired.
Dinner last night was very nice. I made chicken parmesan with spaghetti, a green salad, bread, and mini cream puffs for dessert. I took out the good china and put candles on the table. It looked really nice and everything tasted so good. Lance ate two bites of bread and then declared that he was "all done" so unfortunately he was running around while we were trying to enjoy dinner, but he wasn't too bad, no tantrums or screaming.

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