Thursday, February 14, 2008

how does lance show me he loves me on V-Day?

He doesn't take a nap so he can spend every waking moment with me. He did play quietly for a few minutes so I could take a microscopic cat nap, and he himself gave me a quick nap, but unfortunately the snooze was in his stroller and was only 20 minutes. Also he was up and awake at 4 this morning. We brought him into bed with us and he kept trying to get out of bed and lead us downstairs. Though he won't vocalize it I assumed he was thirsty and got him something to drink. He sucked down a cup full and then got cozy, Jeff immediately threw him back in his bed and we all slept until 7:40-8 o'clock, late for us Sleeping in how exciting! I also am excited because I was able to go back to sleep shortly after waking up which has been rare lately, if I get up I am usually up for an hour or two. I have been trying to make sure that I some exercise in everyday because I think it helps me to sleep better at night. Yesterday despite the cold, rainy, icky day we went on a walk. I don't think I would have normally made it 2 miles, but I was being one of "those moms" and talked on the cell phone the whole time, but I finished my walk quickly and didn't notice the cold. I am currently waiting for my mom to arrive so I can have her watch lance so I can cook a nice dinner for Jeff. So far Valentine's Day really isn't much, Jeff and I got into a small misunderstanding this morning about personal time- he was ready to leave and I hadn't had a shower yet and I was frustrated because I just wanted to get ready for the day solo, but no such luck, jeff didn't get the pamper your wife because it is Valentine's day memo. Honestly I am not that big of a fan of Valentine's day. I would rather be shown love with flowers, chocolate, cards, etc randomly throughout the year instead of on the day that loved ones aka husbands feel obligated to do something because of the media and I am not a fan of red roses which is the flower of the day. I do enjoying finding the perfect card for my loved ones, but think Valentine's Day is a bit much, to be honest though, I would probably change my mind if I got a really nice piece of jewelry, but since that isn't ever going to happen I will try and settle for my last minute flowers, now if I could just get him to get me flowers more often that would be sweet.

On Monday we made Valentine's Day cupcakes, Lance is crazy about them. Well he thinks he is, but when we actually give him one he takes one lick of the icing and is finished. Here he is trying to take the saran wrap off and get one before dinner:
Check out those tip toes in his new slip ons!

Here is Lance's defensive posture:

If he would talk he would say: "I'm not trying to touch anything I shouldn't be, I would never do something like that!"

The evening he was trying to get into them we offered him one, but he wasn't interested, but last night he was:
P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

Go figure: Lance was sitting in my lap because he had fallen down and bumped his head, right when I hit "publish post" I noticed that he had fallen asleep. Great, it is almost 5 o'clock, I wanted him to do this hours ago, Grandma is on her way over to play with him and he is now out like a light, poor baby, poor mommy.

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