Friday, January 04, 2008

what happened to global warming?

How do people up north survive the cold? I hate being cold and this three day freezing cold streak is getting to me. I realized this week that I could not handle living in places like Michigan or Minnesota or even Canada, I would die of hypothermia. Then again, maybe houses up north are better insulated so they aren't cold. The window film has made a big difference in keeping out drafts, but with limited insulation under the house, the front rooms are still chilly, well the floors are and with a toddler we spend most of our time on the floor. Fortunately the cold weather isn't suppose to last and Monday it is suppose to be close to 60, I cant' wait!
On a total random note I got to use my breastfeeding experience to help someone else. I had an extremely hard time with breastfeeding in the beginning, but with stubborn determination we overcame and ended up nursing for 17 months. A friend of mine had a baby a little over two weeks ago and she has been struggling with breastfeeding herself. She is having the same problems that I experienced so I was able to use what I learned to help her. We had a semi-successful feeding with her little girl this morning when I was over at her house and I hope that she will continue to stick with it. It doesn't make any sense why something as natural as breastfeeding is so hard. In the beginning, I was so frustrated and didn't understand why I had such a bad experience, but now I know it is so I can support others who are struggling and offer encouragement when things are so tough. This morning I couldn't get over how little Ella was, she is around seven pounds, probably give a few ounces and she seems so small. I was kind of nervous holding her since Lance was never that little, he seemed monstrous in comparison. I wonder if baby number 2 will be as big, I don't know if I can birth another eight and half pounder or larger.

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