Wednesday, January 02, 2008

it's cold out, but not in here

I love our house, but hate the windows, but now I don't mind them so much. Our house was built in 1946 and the windows are probably original and are extremely drafty. You can sit on the futon in the playroom and feel cold air blowing on the back of your neck. I wish we could afford replacement windows, but that isn't in our budget so we went the cheaper route and put up a plastic barrier. When Jeff told me about this I was very unsure, plastic on the windows, very ghetto, but after being constantly cold and temperatures in the 30s I gave in. I hate being cold and I am getting desperate to stay warm! Yesterday Lance and Jeff went to Lowes to find the plastic wrap and were delighted to see that it was only 6 dollars for 5 windows, so if we hated it there would not be a huge financial loss. They came home and Jeff began installing. I was extremely skeptical that this flimsy, thin, wrinkly plastic would be anything but an eyesore, but I was wrong. The plastic after use of a hair dryer becomes tight and virtually transparent and I am amazed at the temperature difference. I put out a thermometer in the living room to measure the difference: before plastic 66 degrees, after 70 degrees. We were only able to get 4 windows done and I can think of 3 more that need sealing. I hope our efforts will pay on in saving money on our heating bill because the price of gas to heat keeps going up and it is very expensive. Now if I can just get Jeff to under the house again to get those last two rows of insulation up we might stay toasty on this cold winter.
Reading back over this post I realize how sad my life is: I am excited about insulating our windows, but then again I might be rejoicing over our heating bill in a month!

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