Saturday, January 05, 2008

the one time i don't lock my car

okay, so it really is the second time
but the point is, i am neurotic about locking my car and the one time (second time) i don't someone steals something out of my car
fortunately this time they didn't get my ipod which was in car, but they did get my car charger and fm transmitter
I always lock my car, i do, but last night when coming home from the grocery store I didn't, I meant to as soon as I got in the house, but I got distracted because lance was pulling out the groceries and trying to open up the goldfish bag
I am so frustrated that someone out there feels entitled to taking whatever they feel like from my car and angry that there is NOTHING I CAN DO!!!
Whoever stole both our ipods, charger, and transmitter back in april got away with it and who knows maybe they came back for round two
the crazy thing is, our next door neighbor use to leave his keys, wallet, ipod, phone, everything in his car and he never got anything taken, but then his driveway isn't on the same street as ours which leads to the ghetto apartments, we live in a nice, desirable neighborhood, the only problem is that the road our driveway is on is a shortcut to a shady apartment complex and unfortunately some shady people pass through.
so since this is the second time something has been taken out of car i am ready to move
granted ever since lance could really get around I have wanted to move, but now I really want to move onto greener pastures or at least a house with a garage.
Okay, I must think positively, they weren't smart enough to find my ipod and jeff got so fed up that he fixed the security light to make sure that it would go off if someone was in our driveway so they can't come back for round 3!
so my question is: why can't a girl get a little grace? i messed up, i didn't lock the car one time in a hundred and something gets taken, no wonder i am a perfectionist

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donna said...

I'm sorry. That sucks. I've had my car broken into in our driveway when our garage was full of a wood-working project. They didn't get anything because I interrupted them but it's still a huge violation. Then my husband's car was broken into in the driveway (our garage is not big enough for both cars) and they took his garage door opener so they could come back later.

But at least you are safe and so is your iPod!


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