Tuesday, January 15, 2008

typhoid mary

I don't even know if I have the disease or name of the woman right, but that isn't the point. I hope I am not typhoid mary, but I am afraid I might unknowingly spread some germy love around. I don't even know when I started being contagious and it will only be the test of time to see how contagious I really am.
Where to begin?
Sunday- woke up and my left side of my throat hurt, looked in the mirror and noticed my tonsil was swollen. I felt pretty tired, but I haven't been sleeping well and I have been very congested lately so I didn't think too much of it. I took my temperature several times and I didn't have a fever. I was feeling kind of achy so Jeff went to the store for some Tylenol. Took some and felt worlds better. After doing nothing all morning and afternoon we went out shopping and dinner out. The Tylenol really made a difference.
Monday- morning- felt pretty good, tonsil was no longer swollen, went to nurse appointment, was tired in the afternoon, but with reason because I had woken up that morning at 5:30, last night, my throat started to really hurt, but went away and I was extremely fatigued and achy.
This morning- woke up and the right side of my throat hurt, I looked in the mirror and my heart dropped when I noticed that my right tonsil was bright red, swollen, and covered in white spots
I was so upset, I had the classic signs of Strep throat, which I might mention I have never had before! I was a little confused though because I didn't feel really bad, a little fatigued, but I am pregnant and not sleeping that well and congested. I called Jeff and dropped Lance off with him and headed to a urgent care center because I never get sick and don't have a regular doctor. They took my temperature- no fever, I had hopes that it was something else, but when the strep test results came back it was positive for strep. The doctor wrote me a prescription for an antibiotic and sent me on my way.
Fortunately I don't feel that bad, and I bet that once the antibiotic kicks in I will notice a big difference in my energy level, but what is strange is I do really fatigued at time, but it comes and goes.
I just hope that Lance and Jeff stay healthy and that I didn't spread the love to them. I am also curious if I have had it since Sunday or did I just get it today? Who knows. I just hope the antibiotic will not bother my already sensitive digestive system, I am going to be consuming a whole lot of yogurt the next two weeks!

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