Thursday, January 17, 2008

snow day

We actually got some snow! We put Lance in his snowsuit and headed outside to enjoy a little time outside in the snow. Despite the fact that he really couldn't move due to the huge snowsuit, he loved it. The snowsuit is a hand-me-down and it is the right size for him, but it is obvious that it is made for a much taller 18 month old. He looks like he has huge hips and is as wide as he is tall.

He didn't seem to mind all that fabric and got pretty good at waddling around in it. Jeff left a little while ago to go snowboarding with friends and I hope he will be able to make it home safely, the snow has turned to sleet and freezing rain which makes the roads dangerous.

I am feeling better, I am not as tired as I had been the last couple of days. So far Jeff and Lance seem to be feeling good which I am so thankful for, I didn't want to get them sick. Last night I felt pretty bad, I got really nauseous after taking the antibiotic, then I was hungry which made me even more nauseous, and I wasn't able to move without feeling ill, fortunately my mom stopped by and made me some toast, after eating it I felt a whole lot better almost immediately. I can't wait for my digestive system to even out and not always have to be one extreme or another, only a couple more weeks of the first trimester, thank goodness!

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